Pipes, gutters and drainage

J & JW Longbottom


Keeping churches watertight is a great concern to those who maintain the buildings for religious and community use. Efficient drainage and rainwater systems are therefore needed to ensure that rain ends up on the ground and not inside the church.

J & J W Longbottom Ltd, members of the Professional Trades Directory, are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of cast iron pipes and fittings for rainwater and soil drainage systems. The company take pride in the fact that they have maintained traditional methods of manufacture and have been based in their foundry at Holmfirth, West Yorkshire for nearly one hundred years.

Recently, J & J W Longbottom Ltd supplied new cast iron gutters to the Victorian Basilica-styled Russian Orthodox Cathedral Church in South Kensington. The project Architects, BLDA, were in need of a very large moulded gutter which the company was able to supply from its extensive range of standard patterns. New patterns were also made for non-standard gutters, matching those on other parts of the building, and cast in their foundry.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral Church in South Kensington

Russian Orthodox Cathedral Church in South Kensington

The company regularly supply their products to church projects and recent ones include the Grade I listed St Paul’s, Spalding where ornamental gutters as well as special hopper outlets were custom made to match those already in the building.

Another notable project was St Augustine’s Church in Ramsgate, to which the National Churches Trust awarded a £40,000 grant to fund major repairs and new cast iron gutters and rainwater pipes were supplied by J & J W Longbottom Ltd.

Kent, RAMSGATE, St Augustine (2012) #002

St Augustine’s Church, Ramsgate

Find out more about J & J W Longbottom Ltd in our Professional Trades Directory. Or you can contact them directly on 01484 682 141.



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