Our Grants in Action (Hackney)

London, HACKNEY, St Peter de Beauvoir (Miriam Campbell 2013) #001News from Miriam Campbell, our Finance Manager (the lady who writes the cheques for all our grants), who went out to explore St Peter de Beauvoir, Hackney, one of the churches to whom we gave a grant last year.

After a lovely visit to the above church I am happy to report that out grant has most certainly been well spent.

I was given a  tour (together with another funder rep from All Churches Trust) and saw  before and after pictures The renovation of the crypt is stunning , with the space being transformed into a beautiful new community space.

The space is being used for activities such as – Cold Night Shelter, acupuncture and acoustic, yoga , parents and toddler groups.  The list is endless as the space is designed to be multi -purpose.

So along with a nice cup of tea and cake in company with some local residents, it was all in all a pleasant hour spent in a church crypt!

It’s great to see our grant funding going to such great use! Visit the church website to learn more about their project and see pictures of the church and it’s activities, please click here.

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