Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to our new Blog!

Claire Walker

The National Churches Trust blog will be a place  to celebrate our work supporting the wonderful churches, chapels and meeting houses of the UK.  We will provide more information about our work and why it matters, feature photos and information about the church repair projects we are funding and showcase the positive impact places of worship have on their local communities.

A blog should be interactive and I hope that you will be able to share your passion for churches with us.  Maybe there is a church you have visited you would like to tell people about or have thoughts on how church repairs could be funded. If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Whether you are directly involved in the repair and support of places of worship or just enjoy exploring history and architecture of churches, I hope that you will enjoy reading our blog. We’ve already loaded a few postings onto the blog. Of course, as we are a very small charity, we can’t promise a new posting every day, but do stop by and visit us when you can.

Claire Walker, Chief Executive

PS – If you want to receive regular updates,   if you fill in the box on the left had column of the blog ,  we can send you emails about our latest postings.

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